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Intuit QuickBooks Accounting AccreditationsIf you would like to experience the freedom of being able to work form anywhere, at anytime and from virtually any internet enabled device, then you should be in the Awensa™ Cloud.
No Terminal Services Desktops! Applications are streamed directly to your local device through your internet or wireless 3G connection for as little as $29.95 per user, per month. 


Everything Has Changed

AWENSA» is a private cloud designed to transform the way small businesses utilize technology. Gone are the days of installing and maintaining business software within an expensive and disconnected environment. Awensa takes away the burdensome task of maintaining barely adequate and prohibitively expensive infrastructures; and replaces them with an enterprise class distributed network.

Our Cloud Environment

Users access their applications from anywhere, at anytime and from any internet enabled device. Streaming applications use an installer to place familiar icons on your local computer that provide a link to the Awensa datacenter.

Awensa Cloud

For more information about how the Awensa Cloud works, Simply download this informative guide.

Awensa, Your Home in the Cloud Guidebook

Awensa Data Centers

Unlike most ISV or hosting companies, Awensa does not rent or lease its infrastructure. From the storage clusters to the edge network, we have developed a customized architecture made specificly for 64bit cloud deployments. This architecture combined with virtualization deployments from VMware and other leading edge technology solutions, allow Awensa to provide the most secure and controled cloud in the marketplace. This allows us to provide our customers with delivery options that our compeditors cannot.

Awensa Network Operations Center

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) staff provides security and monitoring for each of our datacenter locations. The NOC helps to identify potential issues and provide resolution before any networks problems occur.

We utilize advanced network monitoring software, combined with our monitoring and escalation procedures, to ensure the highest standards for security, reliability, performance and systems availability.

The NOC Staff Monitors:

  • Our redundant network in all of our data center locations: if a router or high-level network appliance goes down for any reason, there is no loss of service.
  • The multiple cross-connects within our data centers: if any connection becomes unavailable, traffic automatically reroutes to the remaining connections. Our Enetwork edge has no less than two available connections at any time.
  • The speed and performance of our network routes: analyzing and optimizing when necessary.
  • Our servers, cloud environment, backup systems, power, environmental, security, hardware, and applications.

We take pride in our ability to work with our customers to develop a custom monitoring solution. Our Network Operations Center provides a rapid, responsive customer service and support experiance.

AWENSA Support and Maintenance Terms

The Awensa™ Cloud Hosting Environment

The Awensa™ Cloud begins with the creation of a hosting account where users, storage and software licenses are added. Each user gets unlimited access to the Awensa™ Cloud environment, one gigabyte of remote access storage, scheduled backups services, 512 bit encrypted transfer and our Awensa™ Cloud Hosting Support for…

Only $29.95 per user, per month

No long term contracts, conditions or obligations.

Bring your own software to the cloud

In the Awensa™ Cloud you don't have to pay for new software licenses. Just provide us with a valid license key for any supported software on our network and those applications will be added to your cloud.

In addition, when the newer versions of your software are made available from the manufacturer, you can choose to purchase retail copies or take advantage of subscription licenses offered by Awensa™.

Application Subscription Licenses

If you do not have a retail or volume license that you wish to assign to your users; no problem! Awensa™ will give you the opportunity to select a subscription license, for a small monthly fee. Here is a list of applications available and their monthly license fee per user.

Intuit QuickBooks Pro Edition$12.50
Intuit QuickBooks Premium Edition$17.50
Intuit QuickBooks Accountants Edition$17.50
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise EditionCALL
Sage Peachtree Complete 2011$18.00
Sage Peachtree Premium 2011$23.00
Sage Peachtree Quantum 2011CALL
Microsoft Office Standard 2010$11.00
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010$15.00
Microsoft Project Standard 2010$15.00
Microsoft Project Professional 2010$25.00
Microsoft Project Server 2010$10.00
Microsoft Visio Standard 2010$10.00
Microsoft Visio Professional 2010$13.00
Microsoft Visio Premium 2010$23.00
Microsoft Lync Server 2010$ 5.00
Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010$24.00
SharePoint Server 2010 Standard$6.00
SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise$11.00
SharePoint Server 2010 Internet$8.00
Additional SAN Storage Per GB$3.00
Additional SQL Storage Per GB$10.00

Contact Customer Service Toll Free (888) 390-5423 for the latest prices. Our customer service personnel are ready to answer any question you may have about the products and services available in the Awensa™ Cloud.

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The Cloud Computing Opportunity

The Awensa Cloud represents an enormous opportunity. Cloud computing environments are transforming business technology from desktop applications to backend processes. From legacy office systems to the role of the IT manager, business technology is being fundamentally transformed to increase productivity, cut overhead, and decrease capital expenditures on hardware and software alike.

Awensa: Your Partner in Cloud Computing

We view our Awensa Consulting Partnerships as collaborative relationships that combine your consulting expertise with our company's cutting edge technology leadership. Awensa is an emerging enterprise cloud-computing leader. The Awensa Cloud value proposition is easy to sum up: Your success can be found in our cloud.

Customer satisfaction and partner success is what Awensa is all about. According to a June 2009 survey conducted by MarketTools Inc.:

  • 95% of Cloud computing business customers plan to continue being in the cloud
  • 93% would recommend cloud computing to others

Here's why. On average, customers report:

  • Sales revenue increased 27%
  • Average profit margin increased 17%
  • Service and support productivity increased 37%
  • Costs decreased 25%
  • Cloud platforms reduce business processing costs by 48%
  • Sales productivity increased 32%
  • Lead conversion increased 27%
  • Customer retention increased 26%
  • Average ROI: almost 65% in 10 months

These remarkable numbers reflect the success of the world's cloud computing ecosystem. Awensa provides you with the strongest SaaS (Software as a Service) product line, delivered with the most cutting edge infrastructure available:

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
Microsoft Office 2010 Suites
Intuit QuickBooks Products

Customer Support in the Awensa™ Cloud

For technology consumers, the quality of support they receive is just as important as the quality of the product itself. Because of an increasing dependence on cloud computing, swift guidance to address issues is critical in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. At Awensa we pride ourselves on providing customer service that is second to none.

Online Support Session

Awensa provides you with a secure live-support experience. Our Awensasupport technicians can easily view and control your computer online.

E-mail Customer Support

A representative will respond to your email inquiry within one business day. Please note email support is recommended for low severity issues.